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General Board Rules

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1 General Board Rules on Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:34 am


Like a Star @ heaven Please do not harass members, we aim to have fun in this forum.

Like a Star @ heaven Spamming is strictly forbidden. Each post must be related to the topic and each post must be more than 10 words to be posted.
-> In the Games board the word restriction is lifted.

Like a Star @ heaven In relation to spamming, double posting is also forbidden

Like a Star @ heaven As mentioned, no posting of explicit content (R18 AND NSFW posts)
-> As to what NSFW posts we consider things that are even borderline pornographic (such as ecchi) as NSFW
----> Mods may delete your post if they find it NSFW

Like a Star @ heaven Please also abide by the forum's image size limit
-> Max embedded image size is 500x500
-> It is highly suggested to just post thumbnails of the images that link to the actual image

Like a Star @ heaven Do not scam members of their money. (Seriously why would you even do that?)

// Signatures and Avatars

Like a Star @ heaven Max avatar size is 150x150

Like a Star @ heaven Max signature size is 500x500 (this includes the whole signature and not just the banner)
--> Banner max size is 500x250

Rules may be subject to change.


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